Realising Improvement through Shared Experience (RISE)

Do you find it difficult to take a step back and think about quality development and improvement?

The RISE Service offers a menu of confidential support provided by members of our experienced team.

RISE helps you to:

  • Take a step back from your service and look at where you are.
  • Evidence you are actively thinking about continuous quality development locally, proactively listening, learning and demonstrating a responsive approach.
  • Build upon the values and strengths that are already in place.
  • Develop a plan to take forward and further develop the quality of your service.
  • Improve people’s confidence, well being and resilience, helping them to move forward.

Whether you need to respond to a CQC inspection report, a local audit or your own desire to maintain and enhance quality, the RISE team works with you from the beginning.

RISE is tailor-made to your care home, based around four tiers which ‘rise’ from Tier 1 to Tier 4. Each option builds on the next, offering different levels of support, providing evidence of continuous quality development. Whichever option you choose, our focus is on sustainable change.

Download our information pack about the RISE Service below.




“I found RISE really inspired me to remember why I love what I do.”

“They helped me realise to appreciate what is going well, not just focusing on what isn’t going well, and to celebrate the little wins… I really was a bit of a dead end and RISE really helped me see that. I [now] feel more like the manager I was before the pandemic”.

“The programme has helped me learn how to delegate better, helped my home develop shared decision making, and hand more responsibility to staff, which reduced my stress and helped me gain a better work/life balance.”

A manager we supported with the RISE approach



“Given all the changes care providers are experiencing including the changes from CQC, this new support service from My Home Life England is invaluable.”

Nadra Ahmed, Chairman, National Care Association



“Knowing My Home Life England, their practical and supportive approach supports quality development where an SME care provider can feel very isolated without independent advice.”

Ian Turner, Executive Chair Registered Nursing Home Association



RISE has evolved through our work with care sector providers, plus continuous feedback from others we work with on what approaches can be most helpful, based on their experience and expertise.

A small group of our associates are part of the RISE support team. They include Ed Watkinson and all have direct experience of supporting individual homes to take a step back and build evidence of continuous quality development.

Click here to see the full list of our associates.